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Create an online memorial to pay tribute

Losing a loved one is amongst the most difficult things that any of us have to face in our lifetimes. We want to help you create an online memorial to pay tribute to them in the best way possible.  

Collaborate and share with friends and family

Add photographs, videos, and an obituary to your online memorial, keeping all of your memories alive in a shared digital space. This is available as a collaborative resource, allowing you to invite contributions from friends and family. Sharing these memories can bring comfort, reflection, and joy at a time when you need it most.

Memorial Events

We can help take the strain of practical issues away from you. Guiding you through creating funeral notices, sending invitations, and managing guestlists.

Memory Box

Photos and videos of your loved one form such an important part of your memories. Keep them safe in one dedicated place.

Bereavement Gifts & Flowers

Sending gifts and flowers can show you are thinking of loved ones at this difficult time. A special gift is also a wonderful way to hold them in your thoughts.


Words can bring comfort and hope when loss is encountered. Messages and online obituaries will add to the memory of your loved one in a special way.

Celebrate life-stories by creating an online memorial

Pay tribute to your loved one and invite friends and family to collaborate.

Choose your package

Create one online memorial for free or upgrade to keep all your loved ones memorials in one place.


Get started with 1 free online memorial.


Free forever

  • 1 memorial
  • Create an online Memory Box filled with photos & videos, an obituary, messages + more
  • Collaborate with friends & family.
  • Create funeral notices & invitations.
  • Send gifts & flowers & raise funds.
  • Access grief support


Create as many online memorials as you like.

£7.99 pm

Yearly £79.99 (2 months free)

  • Unlimited memorials
  • Create an online Memory Box filled with photos & videos, an obituary, messages + more
  • Collaborate with friends & family.
  • Create funeral notices & invitations.
  • Send gifts & flowers & raise funds.
  • Access grief support

You’re not alone

Viva Memory is an online memorial website committed to helping you create a fitting memorial page to keep forever. An online memorial is a lasting tribute. Friends and family can share memories, celebrate their loved one’s life story, and invite others to view and add to their page.

We can help take the strain away from you during these difficult and challenging times. We’ll guide you through the creation of funeral notices, drafting and sending invites, and managing the attendance for the day’s events. With a Viva Memory online memorial, you can create, publish and share obituaries that lovingly detail all the precious moments of your loved one’s life story.

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A virtual online memorial

Our virtual online memorials work in a collaborative and considerate way. They provide family and friends with a shared and secure digital space to upload photos, write messages, and record all of their cherished memories.

Creating an online memorial represents a real opportunity for light during an incredibly challenging moment in life. It brings family and friends closer together after their loved one has passed, for a shared experience in memory of them.

You can share your online memorial as widely as possible to serve as a testament to your loved ones lives that will last for generations to come.

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about how to create one of our online memorials then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Funeral Poems

Choosing the right words to say at a funeral can be incredibly difficult. It’s often such an emotional time that collating your thoughts to address to others can be too much to contemplate. Poetry is a wonderful way to encapsulate your memories, your feelings, and harness all of that emotion into a reading that will convey that emotion for you.

Funeral poems can work in a remarkable way to invoke shared memories and bring people together through a strong shared experience. It’s important to choose the right tone for the occasion, and so we’ve collected a variety of poems so you can find a piece that feels like the perfect fit.

Here you can browse funeral poems that that will help you remember the life story of your loved one, lift hearts and even raise smiles.

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