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Everything you need to know about sending sympathy flowers

A beautiful bouquet can brighten up even the darkest days.

Sending sympathy flowers is a thoughtful way to show a loved one that they’re in your thoughts, but it’s not always easy to know which flowers to send. What do different sympathy flowers symbolise? What message should you write? We’re here to answer your questions.

What sympathy flowers should I send?

Popular sympathy flowers include:

  1. Lilies: white lilies are often thought of as the go-to funeral flower; they symbolise innocence and a return to peace.
  2. Roses: yellow roses represent friendship, white roses symbolise purity and red roses express love and grief.
  3. Carnations: white carnations symbolise innocence and purity and pink carnations convey remembrance and more specifically, a mother’s love.
  4. Chrysanthemums: also known as ‘mums’ represent loyalty and friendship.
  5. Gladiolus: are used to represent strength of character and moral integrity.
  6. Orchids: white orchids symbolise innocence, pink orchids represent grace, purple orchids reflect respect and yellow orchids symbolise friendship. Universally, orchids represent eternal love.
  7. Peace Lily Plant: means peace, harmony and innocence after death.

Typically, sympathy flowers are white or light pastel colours – but you don’t have to stick to these shades. You may want to choose sympathy flowers that reflect the personality of the person you’re paying tribute to. Or, if they had a favourite flower, you could include these in your arrangement.

What should I write in a sympathy card?

Even though our words can’t take away the pain, they can help to comfort a loved one in difficult times. We’ve listed a few short sympathy messages to help express your condolences.

  • My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time
  • With love and remembrance
  • I’m here for you whenever you need me
  • With all my love and sympathy at this difficult time
  • Please know that I’m thinking of you
  • You’re in my thoughts and prayers
  • Sending hugs and best wishes
  • (name) touched so many lives, he/she will be dearly missed
  • I feel so lucky to have known (name) and he/she will always live in my memory
  • Remembering your wonderful (Mum/ Dad/ Grandad/ Grandma etc.) and wishing your comfort during this difficult time
  • Our family would not be the same without (name)

You may want to personalise your message by showing your appreciation for the person who has passed away and how they have impacted your life. You could recall one of your favourite memories or quite simply, mention their name and the fact that they will never be forgotten.

When should I send sympathy flowers?

Some people choose to send sympathy flowers to a family’s home as soon as they hear that a loved one has passed. It’s also comforting to send flowers a few weeks later, after the funeral, so that the family knows that they are still in your thoughts.

Send sympathy flowers and gifts

Our selection of gifts and sympathy flowers are available to order online and post anywhere in the UK, with same-day and next-day delivery options available. We’ve carefully selected the very best providers, offering the freshest of blooms, so that you can rest assured that your flowers will arrive in excellent condition.

Browse, order and send sympathy gifts and flowers by creating a free In MemorE page.

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